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  • Faith
    10/14/2023 at 11:53 AM

    We hired Nikeya nine months before our wedding with one initial phone call to confirm our early requests, and then we scheduled another phone call for 3 weeks before the wedding. During the second call, she said that she did not feel comfortable sharing what she would write with us before the ceremony, but I insisted. After these two phone calls and supposedly reading our wedding website, Nikeya did not understand us enough to write anything we liked. Three days before the wedding, she had yet to write the script for the ceremony, so we ended up writing the script for her entirely. She arrived late on the day of, and did not join the ceremony area until 5 minutes before the ceremony was said to start. This was after our venue coordinator had told her that people were looking for her to check the microphones for the ceremony. Even then, she messed up reading it which leads me to think she did not actually read it before the ceremony. Everyone there noticed her mess-ups, and my now-husband was fuming internally at the altar. Now we can laugh about how much stress it caused us, but I would not recommend her if you are a type A person. She frequently left me on read, insisted she had everything handled when she didn’t, and did not listen to our very specific requests. We had told her on two separate occasions that I would not be taking my husband’s last name, and yet she still announced us with his last name after our kiss, confusing everyone. If you are looking for a stress-free ceremony experience, I do not recommend these services. The only thing she did correctly was fill out the paperwork and send it to the courthouse.

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