Rent a Wedding Cake? Are You Crazy?

The wedding cake is my favorite part of the wedding. It’s often a work of art that I cannot bear to watch as it is chopped up into pieces and served to all the guests. I always take a photo of the cake.

As an officiant in San Diego, I belong to several wedding groups. One of them recently posted a photo of an amazing eight tier wedding cake towering up to the heavens, and the caption says *Fake Wedding Cake for Rent*.  I had to click the link! 

Rent a wedding cake? Is this the new trend in budget weddings?

If so, this new trend had me very perplexed. Was this a real thing? A fake cake? It looked legit, it looked delicious. However, this work of art was made of foam! Yes, a foam wedding cake!

That is when I learned that this is a real thing! Apparently the way it works is this:

Cost is $500.00. Display wedding cake made of foam and covered with edible fondant. 

Price includes real sheets of cake, delivery and pick up.

The fake one will be displayed at the event in front of guests. The real cake sheets will be cut in the back and served to the guests. 

There is a discount if there is no cake needed, as some venues supply dessert. 


I will be recommending this option to my couples on a budget, I think it’s one of the best ideas I’ve seen in a long time.

An Officiant Is Not A Wedding Planner

Of course, most people assume that wedding officiants are rarely involved in the reception side of things, and that’s certainly true for traditional, large weddings. We don’t get paid to be a wedding planner, and we don’t have the time or resources to handle that side of things.

But you might be surprised how involved we become for small, intimate weddings.

Many officiants specialize in elopements and home weddings, or marry couples in a park or other free “venue”. These weddings typically involve only a handful of friends and family, if that.

For these weddings, the couple tends to lean on the officiant as the expert in all things wedding! Of course, we tend to be pretty adept at managing small weddings, even if it’s not our job to do so. Naturally, we care about the couples we marry, so we often do our best to help them figure out the basic logistics and we recommend services whenever we can.

We aren’t getting paid to plan a wedding of course, so couples shouldn’t expect officiants to plan their wedding for free. But officiants understand that this is all new to couples, so we expect the occasional question regarding what to do or who to hire or what to buy.

So if we can help a couple by recommending a fake cake, why not, right? I think renting a wedding cake might be the icing on the cake. 😉

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