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From your dashboard, you can manage your account, edit your listing, or choose to promote your listing by placing it at the top of search results for a period of time. Let’s break down all the sections of your account here.

Click on any of the headings below to be taken directly to that area.

Your dashboard is the heart of your account. Here you can see an overview of your listings, your promotions, and your visitor stats, including what devices your visitors used to view your listings, where they came from, etc. 

Your listings breakdown everything you need to know about each listing. From here, you can edit your listing, promote it, change its package plan, or see its stats.

Details about any of your Promoted Listings will be here, where you can manage them as needed.

Access and control your account details here, including your avatar, name, email address, password, and billing details.

Thank You For Joining

We understand that officiants want listings that are reflective of their vendor status in the wedding industry. We know how other wedding directories treat officiants, and we aim to do better than that. We appreciate the fact that you joined us, and we hope you find that we’ve delivered on our goals.

We recognize your place in the industry

Without You, There Is No Wedding

We are building a directory of officiants that caters to our place in the wedding industry. We want to help officiants grow their businesses in a sensible, economical way, without the burdens that are often placed upon them by the traditional wedding directories. Thank you for joining us in this endeavor as we strive to place you in the wedding vendor spotlight. After all, without you, there is no wedding!

Want to Promote Your Listing For a Short Time?

There are times when you may want to advertise your business for a week or two, or for a month? We get it. And we have a solution for that. You can promote your listing to the highest levels within search by selecting one of our short-term Promo Packages listed below. 

Here's How Promoted Listings Work

Officiants who have the Enhanced Plus packages automatically get Featured Listing status. Featured listings show up above non-featured listings in search results, every day, for the entirety of the package’s term of one year. 

Anyone can temporarily promote their listing by purchasing a Promo package. Promoted listings are given more precedence in search, even over Featured listings. Think of Promoted listings as being similar to running a short-term ad campaign. 

If you plan to keep your listings at the top for a long period of time, then the Enhanced Plus package is the most economical way to do so. But officiants can choose a quick short-term boost by purchasing a Promo package whenever they like.

How Do I Promote My Listing?

Go to your Dashboard and click the My Listings link. Under your listing(s), you will see a Promote link. Click that to start your promotion!

Share Your Status As An Officiant Directory Member

Click the link below to save the Member Badge image to your computer. 

Place it on your website and link the badge to or even better, link it directly to your listing page.

Officiant Directory member badge

Here's how to add the Member Badge to your WordPress Sidebar


Yes, as long as they abide by our Terms and Conditions. We will take swift action to suspend or delete any listing that should not be in the directory.

We sometimes create a free basic listing for officiants that we know about. Before you create a new listing, you should check to see if yours is already on the site. If it is, you can easily claim it, and edit it, rather than starting completely from scratch. So how do you see if your listing is already in there, and claim it? From the home page of the site, , search for your city in the form at the top. If your listing shows up in the search results, click it to open up its detail page. Under the large header image, click the menu item that says “Claim listing”. This will begin the process of registering, choosing a listing package, etc.

Yes! Just log into your account at and click Edit under your listing. If you don’t have an account yet, you will need to create one, claim your listing, and then edit it. 

Yes, absolutely. Just log into your account at and click Delete under your listing. If you don’t have an account yet, you will need to create one, claim your listing, and then delete it. 

Just log into your account at and click Edit under your listing. If you don’t have an account yet, you will need to create one, claim your listing, and then edit it. 

PayPal or credit/debit card via Stripe

Yes. Log into and click Switch Plan under your listing.

This directory only lists

All Inclusive Officiants

Officiants who are not LGBTQ allies or who do not perform ceremonies for all legally qualified couples, should not list their services here.