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  • mackgrand65
    August 24, 2021 at 4:06 pm

    We wanted a non-religious ceremony so I contacted the local court to find someone but none would preform a wedding onsite due to Covid, so we looked online. When we contacted Reverend Steven Salsbury we told him we wanted a completely non-religious ceremony. He told us, “I probably do twice as many non religious ceremonies so it’s no issue for me.” He sent his version of a non-religious ceremony, and it had religious references in it. He then told us we could write our own and he would follow it. Just days prior to our wedding he emailed saying he had lost the script we wrote, so I forwarded him the previous email I had sent him with the attachment. Maybe this was an honest mistake but with everything else, my opinion is; Seriously!?! Did he delete an important document, or does he not know how to use email? We spent weeks writing the script for our ceremony and he did not follow it in order, which caused problems with flow. We wrote it in a specific order for several reasons and he blew it! As he read it from his tablet it sounded like he was doing so for the first time. He also added to the ceremony, including some religious references. He tried to convince us we did not need to sign our marriage license. He even said “you’ve already signed it.” When I asked to see it he agreed that we do need to sign it before he got it open. He was surprised we had an addressed, stamped envelop for the license and asked if the county had provided it. If this was the first time in 30 years he worked with a prepared couple I am shocked because the county clerk, who has had her job 16 years, advised us to have one ready. When anyone asks for a wedding officiant recommendation I will most certainly tell them to stay away from this guy. He was unprofessional, arrogant, and condescending. All in all I felt like I was dealing with a conman. Upon checking the original registered date of his website I found none of the reviews on any website are older then that date. My guess is he started doing weddings around the beginning of 2019. The only two things he did correctly was sign the license and drop it in the mail after I made sure it was properly signed and the envelop was sealed. NEGATIVE 5 STARS!

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